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It’s been a long road for the Adversaries. Five megaberrations lay dead, the Red Hand is slowly losing fingers, deals have been made with monstrosities from before the existence of time. And in all this, Avaruuk and Farga have never quite found the time to chitchat about “what the innerwyrm even is a human?”

So, to remedy this, Avaruuk sits down next to Farga as the evening draws to a close. The Giant-Spider-Dream-Gun is trying to get the Unflinchingly-Stony-Dream-Dog to play with it, the Adversaries are settling in for the evening, and Avaruuk has one burning question on their mind. “Hey Farga,” they wait until she acknowledges them, “is it true humans keep goblinoids as slaves?”
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It’s been a loooong, emotional day for Avaruuk an Wikkewödr.

Things are looking pretty bright, though. Between the intel from the Gatekeepers and Koth’s advice, they feel like they have more of a grip on this whole… apocalypse-thwarting crusade they’re on. Also, they just had a nice talk with Zevun. Well, there was talking and then there was the kissing and – Viran!

Avaruuk’s carefree jaunt comes to a jerking halt, which probably looks pretty funny to anyone who’s watching. Oh bugbear! I mean, they’ve known they were crushing pretty hard on both hobgoblins for a while now. And it was all fine and well when there was too much going on to do anything about it. But now… they’d kissed Zevun! And earlier, in the river, had they just imagined it or had Viran been about to kiss them? What do… people do in this situation? There had never been time in Avar’s life for even one such moment before, and now they’d had two in one day!

There was only one thing to do, Avar decided. They had to tell Viran about the kiss. But what if that meant she no longer wanted anything to do with them? Well… that was a risk they had to take. Scout’s honor and all…

They were so busy mumbling to themself about the various ways in which stopping a genocidal cult seemed easier than working through one’s feelings that they almost walked right past Viranishek’s bedroll. Luckily, she was awake and apparently concerned enough by Avar’s behavior that she cleared her throat loudly to draw their attention.

Avaruuk let out the most unscoutly squawk, immediately shushed themself, and sat/collapsed into an almost-casual cross-legged position. “Ummm… can we talk?”


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